Estes Design

2009 Bioretention/Rain Garden Design and Installation, Huntersville, NC

Jetton Street Condominiums

Unlike Wilmore Walk, Jetton Street was a planned Low Impact Development project from the very beginning.  It is located in a water supply watershed of Lake Norman, which required strict adherance to water quality regulations. 

All four rain gardens were designed to meet local and state regulations.  The inclusion of the rain gardens reduced the size of the detention pond by 45%.  In particular, one of the rain gardens is an infiltration garden, with no subdrains.  This means that the only way this garden can drain is through infiltration. It was monitored for four years, and has successfully infiltrated every storm since its completion in 2007.

Infiltration garden shown in top left (northwest corner of project)
Infiltration pond shown in bottom right (southeast corner of project)

Infiltration Garden Photo

Infiltration Pond Photo


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