Estes Design

Despite the best intentions and design, erosion control devices can fail.  When they do, often the developer, city or county may receive a Notice of Violation (NOV) from the State, costing thousands of dollars per day. 

The same can occur for post construction Stormwater BMP's that fail due to incorrect design or poor construction practices.

Estes Design has local experience bringing projects with Notice of Violations back into compliance. This stream was downslope of a development where erosion control practices failed, which resulted the stream being filled with sediment.  A NOV was issued to the town, and Estes Design was brought in to assess the damage and remediate the situation.  

NOV before

After the excess sediment was removed, the creek was returned to its pre-sediment state saving the town from thousands in fines.  

 NOV after

If you have an NOV that you need assistance with in becoming compliant, please contact us today!