Estes Design

Stream and Wetland Restoration Planning

Estes Design provides design and planning services for stream and wetland compensatory mitigation projects in the southeast: 

  • Resource Identification
  • Conversion to USACE mitigation credits
  • Writing of the mitigation banking instrument 
  • Stream Assessment and Delineation
  • Wetland Assessment and Delineation
  • Planning and Wetland Design 

EDI can provide full service wetland restoration services and partners with local engineering firms to design and construct stream restoration projects in accordance with the the compensatory mitigation programs accepted by the USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers), the NC Encosystem Enhancement Program (NCEEP) and the Charlotte Umbrella Mitigation Bank. 

Estes Design specializes in working with private property owners to develop successful stream and wetland projects while maximizing their property's development opportunity. Estes Design understands commercial and residential development and how they co-exist with the natural environment.